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All Natural Health Choices


Why Herbal Choices for Preventive Healthcare?

  1. Encourages a healthy immune system.
  2. No or little side effects or addictions.
  3. Treats the symptoms while addressing the cause.
  4. Herbs let your body do its own work.
  5. Affordable!

Preventive health care is so important these days, especially with rising health care costs. Herbal teas are a safe choice in health care prevention because they are all natural and your immune system recognizes them as a friend not a foe. This allows the immune system to become stronger and fight the battles it needs to fight.

A natural, preventive health care plan starts with you and ends with a better quality of life.

Herbal teas will help you to succeed with all your healthcare choices. Explore my health categories on the right, review the products features and benefits then select the Herbal Teas that will help you with your health concerns.

Take time for a stress relief herbal tea break. As low as $.16 a day, along with a healthy lifestyle, you will improve your health and strengthen your immune system. If you are taking prescription medicines, under your doctors’ supervision, you may be able to decrease your dosage or in some cases stop taking conventional medicine all together. Money you spend on over the counter drugs can be saved by replacing them with herbal teas that flushes out toxins and builds up your immunity naturally, resulting in a healthy quality of life, less stress and more money in your pocket! 

All Natural Health Choices is your online source for herbal teas and natural preventive healthcare.  Herbal teas and natural products will improve your health, addressing the cause not just the symptom.  Many herbal teas have been proven to relieve side effects of chemotherapy (Essiac Tea), bladder and liver health (Old Fashion Tea), soothe allergies (Rooibos+ Berries), increase memory (Yerba Mate), colic in infants, food intolerance  (African Rooibos), relieves stress, vitamin C (Rosehip Tea), weight control (Weight Aid) and they contain necessary vitamins and minerals. Results from herbs may take longer than conventional medicines and are not a quick cure, but the long time benefits are worth the wait. Herbal teas provide a variety of healing agents with almost no side effects; however, they should be used in moderation.

Check out herbalists, naturopathic and holistic care options.  Some herbs may conflict with prescription medicines, so always inform your healthcare provider of any herbal products you are using or would like to use.

All Natural Health Choices will help you start a healthier lifestyle today so you will have a better quality of life tomorrow!!

 Affordable prices!! Specials!!



Best Doctor Web Sites

Best Doctor Web Sites

WebMD.com, the most popular health website out there, provides easy to understand information on a comprehensive list of conditions, medications, tests and procedures

MedEffect (www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/medeff/index_e.html) keeps doctors and patients up to date on Canadian product advisories, warnings and recalls and also includes an online adverse-reaction report system

Familydoctor.org contains straightforward, pamphlet-style information on medical conditions and topics

Mayoclinic.com is supremely easy to read. It includes user-friendly features like healthy living guides and an "ask a specialist" section

Medlineplus.gov contains a large medical encyclopedia with figures and illustrations, info on drugs and herbal/supplemental medicine, and a Merriam-Webster medical dictionary. Great for patients who want some more complex, detailed medical information

Drugs.com has tons of info on prescription drugs, including OTCs and alternative meds, and a "Drug Interactions Checker"

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